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Beginnings of our startup

For some time, we had been thinking about what project we should bring into open after the previous trials. The harsh reality made us gain some new experience, which we planned to make use of in another project. And suddenly, a new opportunity turned up: the competition called podnikatelskynapadroka.

We hesitated for a moment as we are skeptical towards competitions. However, we told ourselves we would give it a try, knowing that we could only gain – maybe not the winning price but valuable experience would be certain.

I don’t know how it works in other companies or startups but I would like to describe our approach and maybe we will help somebody else.

The absolute winner is Claude

As we like to create our own tools to make our work easier, we could choose from a wide range of products that we are “hiding“ from the outer world as we use them primarily to support our own services. There were several reasons why Claude was an unequivocal winner. Besides the fact that we started to work on it in 2012, when there was hardly any competition on the market, it is also a tool we use for our everyday work as it solves lots of development issues, whether on our part or on the part of the client. Therefore, we supposed the following:

  • if it is useful for us as developers, it should be useful for others as well
  • the tool is valuable because it solves practical problems and we depend on it
  • it has a great potential as there is only about 10 relevant competitors worldwide
  • cloud services are at the beginning now and it is just a matter of time until they become inevitable
  • the tool earns money indirectly for us because it saves our time and therefore, the clients are more satisfied with our work

What is Claude?

Claude is a tool for programming websites and web applications design. It runs in web browsers so that it can be handled from everywhere. Thanks to its properties, designers can design websites more efficiently while saving time and money as well. The tool is adjusted for the needs of website designers and can be handled easily and comfortably.

First coordination meeting

As we had not participated at any competition before, it took us some time to find out how it all worked. We decided to have the same approach we had towards every project we run – the systematic one.

For a start, I introduced a rough plan: what kind of competition it was, what we should do for it and of course, what we could gain. Naturally, I was swamped with questions like: what, why, how, for what purpose etc. When the clarification phase was over, we prepared the following:

  • minutes from the meeting, where we described the discussed issues and the resulting tasks that had to be assigned to our team members
  • we created a project in Redmine (a tool for managing projects we use) and we assigned to ourselves a nice bunch of tasks

It started with analysis

As we had been creating tools for our own needs, we had been solving our own practical problems which arose during the creation of websites and web applications. But in this case, a more systematic and more analytical approach was needed. Therefore, we prepared the following:

  • Internal analysis of competition, thanks to which we mapped a considerable number of competitors and thus, we just made sure that our product had a real potential (even though we have to confirm it on the market as well). Anyway, we were not the thousandth who came up with the same idea. We were at the thirtieth place approximately, from which the real competition was represented only by 10 similar products.
  • List of tasks divided according to the priorities as we had little time and a lot of work. We wrote down everything that came to our mind and everything that was needed to do in order to be successful. We set the priorities according to what we needed to do so that we could represent ourselves at the competition and according to what our tool, in our opinion, should contain before coming to light.

This is how we started our fight with time, in which we still continue. Step by step, I will be revealing how we proceeded in our preparation for the competition and what obstacles we had to overcome on our path towards the achievement of our goal. If you are interested in Claude’s destiny, sign up for the newsletter on, where we will inform you on the process. Fingers crossed, we are going to fight!

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