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How to start up an online business?

Web design is a sophisticated work and it is not to be underestimated just because this kind of business is an omnipresent phenomenon nowadays. A lot of people think they can open a bar or a restaurant because they know how it works inside as they come across it every day. The situation is similar to the field of web design. Therefore, I will try to explain how business with web works from several points of view and what you need to start your online business. The topic is rather broad so it will be divided into multiple blogs. Today I am going to talk more or less about the philosophical aspect.

If you want to create a website, you should first consider your purpose and your source of motivation. All this costs a lot of money and time, which is irretrievable and therefore, it is not to be lost. Most people create websites in order to support either their already existing business or to create a new one.

If you are from the first group of people and you already have a running offline business, remember how hard you had to work to build something. The same is true for web design. This particular blog might not be totally your cup of tea, but it the next one I will be discussing the topics that will surely interest you.

If you have never tried any business activities, this will be even more difficult for you. In media, you can constantly hear about people making a lot of money thanks to a website or an application very quickly. I regret to disappoint you, but this is not how it works. Millions will not come fast, unless you win a lottery. The success demands lots of efforts not only in the online world but mostly in the offline one.

Whether you are from the first or from the second group of people, in both cases you can facilitate your way to success by learning how it all works and what you should pay attention to.

There are many things to mention and it is not possible to sum up all of them as everyone has a different stepping stone. For this reason I am going to tell you about my own experience from practice.

  • You have to like what you do

    If you do not enjoy what you do, it does not make any sense. The path to success is full of obstacles and some of them can be overcome only with your will to work as sometimes it is the only thing that you have. If you do it only to make money, this work is not really valuable for you which means you will not be ready to devote yourself to it. However, this does not mean you should not care about money - money is also a vital part of business of course.

  • Do the work you understand and learn new things

    I do not want to say you should be afraid to try new things. But before you start up something, you should know the basics at least. Of course, do not be discouraged by difficulties - any problem you explore in detail appears to be complicated. At the same time, you must realize there is a lot of competition you should differ from. This will be very hard to achieve without knowing how the business works. Therefore, you should learn.

  • Make a framework strategy

    Preparation for entering the online world should noy be neglected. However, this does not mean you wil be planning and not acting. Suffice is to prepare an approximate plan:

    1. What do you want to achieve?

    2. How long will it take?

    3. What do you need to do for it?

    4. How much time and money will it cost?

    5. Evaluate the result.

    6. Repeat the same again and again.

  • Create a team

    There is a lot to do and you will be very limited on your own. This is the reason why it would be good to add the right people to your team. You will probably look for the ones near you, which is natural as it is very hard to run business with someone you do not believe. But be careful with your friends as well. Sometimes you will have to make decisions without emotions, not taking any friendship into consideration. The most important is to find the right partner who can push you forward, ideally the one who will fill the gaps in your knowledge and experience.

  • Work smart and with discipline

    This is one of the most important points requiring a huge self-control. To work smart sometimes also means not to do things you think you must do. Set your priorities and try to confer them on others.

All sounds beautiful, but without discipline, it is good for nothing. To think only is not enough, you must act as well. To be disciplined does not mean to do a lot, but to work systematically and reguarly. You are only human, your time is limited by a 24-hour day and your energy. A right discipline is based on regularity no matter what the circumstances are. If you do too much, the next day you will feel tired and do nothing at all. Your performance will decrease. So you had better do less but on a regular basis.

Every businessman has his own dogmas and his own way of working and each uses a different combination of the two. For me, to be a businessman means a certain lifestyle which reflects personality. This is not for everybody, as it is not for everybody to be an employee. Neither of them are good or bad. It is “only” about what fulfills you and what type of freedom contents and pleases you.

In the next blog I will give you more precise and less philosophical advice on how to run business in the online world. If you have liked my blog, subscribe to my newsletter and you will get information immediately when the new blog is published.


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