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UX stories #2: Usability

Usability is a qualitative feature determining how easily a given object / system / web / coffee maker is used.

The main pillar of usability is a design focused on psychology and human factors. Environment with good usability is defined by SIX main qualitative aspects and it is:

  • Accessible: as clear as day – if the environment is not accessible and functional, it is meaningless

  • Time-saving in terms of using: it takes a little time for users to fulfill a particular task

  • Easier to adapt to: users will find out how to fulfill a task by observing the environment

  • Easy to remember: when users return to the environment after a certain period of time, they are able to adapt and work with the given environment quickly

  • Giving no space to errors: there is no space for errors and if (and it happens very rarely) an error occurs, it is easy to be fixed

  • Comfortable to use

There are also other aspects which influence whether we decide to use the environment or not. One of the examples is the usefulness of the environment. Do you want your web to have a good usability? Ask yourselves some of the following questions:

  • How long does it take to my web to be loaded? Is it a long time? What is the average loading time?

  • Are all the links functional and is it clear where they lead?

  • Is the web RESPONSIVE and accessible for ALL DEVICES?

  • Is my web easy and focused only on the most important issues?

  • Does it use general human knowledge in order to facilitate the control?

  • Are the elements consistent and recognizable?

  • Does my web guide users to their targets?

  • Are users able to send feedbacks / bugs?

  • Does my web contain relevant information users came here for?

  • Is my page trusted? Do I give any reasons to users for suspicion?

The most important thing is testing. It is important to accept mistakes and fix them before they cause a permanent mistrust in users and discourage them from using the web.

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