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Case studies


We have simplified the user interface and created an ergonomic product that is based on user research and testing.


The purpose of the shop is to sell. The essence of a good business are satisfied customers. Therefore, we created a unique minimalistic responsive e-shop which puts forward products and streamlines the shopping process for users.



Say goodbye to passive way of lecturing! It is time to make the audience feel like they are a part of happening.



You will find the right people exactly when you need them. We worked on Tapaty application since the development of the application as such, from creation of presentation website to animated promotional video. But all this was preceded by hours of preparation work, designs, remaking and finishing – and the result is worth it.


If you need to finance your start-up or if you want to expand your company but you do not have enough capital, you have probably already visited this website. FondFit offers venture capital for entrepreneurs. Our task was to create a website which would offer all information in a transparent and clear way.


We created a mobile application which will teach you how to use sign language. It is the single application in the world with an ambition to bring the world of the deaf and the world of hearing people together. The application contains more than 130 lessons and 3000 signs but as for the basic signs, you will be able to learn them in one hour since download. We also created a website and an overall branding for this application.


According to the opinions of designers from over the world, our design for online marketing tool Freshmail deserves an award. However, our first task was to create a visually attractive website with images and animation which would be useful for this new application. The award is just icing on the cake for the well-done job.


The world is changing - and money as well. The constantly expanding digitalisation introduces new possibilities, but also increased demands for paying systems.