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drilleo in macbook

The most efficient way how to do lectures is to do it interactively

About project

Drilleo is an application where lecturers can prepare tests according the lecturing topic.The number of tests, questions and time for completion can be determined according to lecturers’ own consideration. They will be able to interrupt thematic sections with tests, during which audience answer questions in a limited time period through their mobile phones or tablets. The answers are immediately evaluated and the audience can see the results immediately.

Our aims

We put a great emphasis on continuous improvement of our team members. Therefore, we needed a tool for making internal corporate training more efficient, thanks to which we would be able to evaluate team members’ skills with an immediate feedback on what they can improve. As a bonus, we also set a challenge to build the whole app on javascript, more specifically, with the use of nodeJS – backend and angular – frontend.

Keep audience focused
Internal testing of employees
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Benefits of using

Drilleo enables to apply interactive attitude for lecturers to attract attention and have a constant control over what their audience is doing. Lecturers also get feedbacks on whether lectures are comprehensive and understandable. Thanks to this information, they can immediately consider in what extend it will be needed to change the overall approach or if discussion is needed to make lecturing more efficient.


Development in progress

The product is still in the stage of development. However, it has been tested in practice twice already with success. It has had its premiere during this year’s DrupalCamp conference within the lecture by Jan Seyd, our CTO on Modern web technologies and their use. The product appeared also on our Wezeo event called CODE Fest, which has been taking place regularly every month since August 2016.