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About the project

We created a specific website designed for entrepreneurs and small developing start-ups or enterprises. Here you can find information on how to launch a business and what to do so that FondFit could help you and invest in your project. The purpose of innovations and technologies fund is to support business environment in Slovakia by offering people venture capital.

Our task

As FondFit is a specific client, our task was to prepare a website design in a way it would satisfy all current trends and consequently, to adapt it to administration interface so that the content can be easily modified.

Almost-flat is a trend

While creating the basic website concept we were inspired by companies such as Apple, Microsoft and others. As the client did not have complete design manual, we could work freely and create other parts as needed. We designed and drew almost-flat icons which complete individual subpages so that the visitors can browse more easily trough sections.

Color palette

Main color

Almost flat icons

We enjoyed the whole process of creating Almost-Flat icons – from the sketches to the final version. The icons complete visually the overall image of the website.

Palette of playful colors

The overall website concept is simple and transparent at the same time. The color scale copies the website structure and the user knows exactly where he is and where he can find important information.