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About the project

FreshMail is an online marketing tool enabling clients to popularize their companies or e-shops via newsletters of strong brands like TPD, Pelikán and others. The project was being carried out from the brand creation to the creation of the website itself, where users can see how FreshMail works.

Our task

Our main task was to create a logotype for Freshmail, which consists of two basic elements. The symbol of open envelope along with the symbol of “marking/check” became the basis for the Freshmail logo. Another task was to prepare a website with minimal but relevant content for SEO with a clear message. The javascript animations made the website dynamic and appealing.


Thanks to this project, we won awards from the Awwwards competition where web developers from all the world try to succeed.

Parallax and responsive design

We took in consideration new technology trends and therefore, the overall concept of the project is connecting parallax website with responsive design. Users can enjoy complex javascript animations while being able to get to information also through cell phones or tablets.

Color palette


Sometimes the text is not enough

It is not easy to attract today’s Internet users just with a short text. Information hidden in the text should be visualised by images. For better presentation of Freshmail service we prepared attractive, colorful and playful visual flat images.


At, we were evaluated by various designers from over the world and we obtained a special prize for our innovative website design. We rejoice at this and we hope there will be more projects in the future for which we will deserve credit.