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Frontend developer

Are you the cool guy who gives final form to websites and apps? Are you really good at it? If you are, do not hesitate to send us a message.

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JavaScript Developer

Can you turn a boring web into an appealing piece of art? Are you confident about your skills? We want YOU! Send us a message and come to show us what you can offer.

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Project Manager

Are you an organised, passionate and goal-oriented cool guy who can communicate to people nicely even if he had a bad day? Contact us.

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Graphic designer

Are you a tender and artistic soul with a sense of esthetics? Are you a creative person who perceives a blank space as a future masterpiece? Contact us and fill an empty place in our team.

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  1. 2013

    We hit the road of our WEZEO vision in 2013, when, thanks to Mate, 4 different personalities and talents got together. The perfect business symbiosis started to bloom in the office at Palackého street, where first projects were successfully realized and where our future expansion started.

  2. 2014

    New members joined the WEZEO family and there came the time to move to new premises. With our first team, we moved to a beautiful place near the Sad Janka Kráľa park, at Viedenská cesta, into the Leberfinger historical building. We perceived our new wezeo team members as a new level of existence, bringing brand new possibilities.

  3. 2015

    In 2015, our company was already fully running and the team was of one mind. We were able to realize 100 projects a year for prominent companies. However, we realized in a certain point in time that only software creation itself was not enough. Therefore, we decided to focus our attention to our own product as well. The first efforts turned into the first trial of Claude, which encouraged us even more.

  4. 2016

    We expect a lot from the year 2016. We consider it to be a starting point of a ‘’big projects era’’. The Slovak market was a great start for us, but the next step we are planning to take in our long-term plan is to expand to abroad.

Projects we are proud of

Our work is various and therefore, you will constantly have opportunities to work on new projects.

Web applications


The core of our business is the development of various web application types. As a modern software house, we pay attention to the high level of technicality. At the same time, we try to create a symbiosis between the code, design and usability. You will be mainly working on tailor-made applications for our clients.

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Mobile applications


Mobile applications represent a smaller, but even more interesting part of our projects. Most of the time, we work on innovative solutions or start-ups. Primary, we work with the PhoneGap multiplatform, thanks to which our development is more universal. Our developers know how to make use of their knowledge for developing web and mobile applications simultaneously.

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It is the smallest, but also the most interesting part of our business. It is just a matter of time for it to become the most important one though. We are working on our own products we want to offer worldwide. Therefore, each team member can work on his own projects with the company support. Currently, we are working on two products and one game which we reveal soon.

We are the choice



You are an independent unit! We can give you direction but you will need to lead yourself.



Time management is in your own hands. Meet deadlines and we will be fine with everything else.


Top team

Talented, easy-going people who know how to work hard and have crazy fun.


Work/life balance

In our company, you have enough space to live! Because life is not just work itself.



Always new approaches, no stereotype. We create our own world, which is called WEZEO.


Company policy

We do not keep things to ourselves, we talk straight and provide feedback in every way possible.


W3 Award Silver Winner
Awwwards - Honorable mention
Awwwards - Honorable mention
AppRulezz 2015

1st place (category: withouth brand)
JustInSign app

AppRulezz 2015

3th place (category: smartphone app)
JustInSign app

AppRulezz 2015

3th place Developer of the year 2015

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Guru of the day


Our team is the biggest value

Project manager

To enjoy my work, I need great trust, quality team members, flexible working hours, attractive projects and a decent salary. All this I can find in Wezeo!
Our team is the biggest value

Web trainee developer

This is a place where you can be spontaneous, where people trust in you and support you anytime. The place where they let your fantasy bloom at 110%. This is Wezeo.