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About the project

JustInSign is a mobile application intended to teach international sign language. The application will teach you how to communicate with the deaf worldwide. It contains more than 130 lessons which you can learn in a playful way with the help of videos. After each lesson you will be able to test your newly learnt knowledge.

Our task

This is the single project of its kind in the world and therefore, it represented a great challenge for our team of developers and marketers. Our task was to ensure full development of the application – the brand, the concept of application, the promotional website and the short promotional video. The purpose of the project is to help anybody communicate with the deaf worldwide.


Thanks to this project, we won awards from the Awwwards competition where web developers from all the world try to succeed.

Lessons from everyday life

The lessons were prepared in a way they can help people communicate in everyday situations such as At the post office, In the office and others. We prepared more than 3000 signs which can be used for communication with the deaf anywhere in the world but it is enough to learn just basic signs to be able to understand the deaf or people with a hearing impediment. The advantage of the application is its playfulness – while learning, you can also compete with your friends from over the world at the same time.

Color palette

How to be playful and interesting

We created a colorful set of icons

We put emphasis on how to attract attention of users and how to make the application interface agreeable for them in a way they like to learn sign language. Therefore, we prepared amiable, playful and colorful illustrations in order to attract each age category from the youngest to the oldest. We also prepared original flat graphic icons, which match with the whole application interface thanks to clear playful colors.

One sign for all languages

The website content is not only about presenting the application but it also deals with the whole issue regarding deaf people worldwide. We briefly wrote about everything you can find in the application and for whom it is designed. We took in consideration new technologies and the promotional website is responsive, of course. Therefore, it does not matter whether the user visits the website via a mobile device, a tablet or a PC.