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p2nex in macbook

Cryptocurrencies - Money of the future

About project

Originating from Bitrush, a new project was released, which is, however, only in a state of experimentation. It is interface for internet banking with bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and FIAT money. The interface works as a classic IB. Users create their account for bank transactions or for receiving payments. They have a debit card with possibility to change currencies on individual accounts and to sell/buy currencies. The price of the currencies is determined by supply and demand. This can be compared to XAPO, CoinBase, Blockchain, or PayPal systems.

Our mission

We have prepared new graphics and streamlined using of the previous application. We also changed logic of previous functionalities. The purpose was to create a responsive application accessible via mobile devices.

Modern responsive design
To streamline usability
Obrazovka 1Obrazovka 2

Anonymity and security

All registered users will get their unique CryptoToken code. Thanks to this, they do not need to enter their personal data anywhere. The overall system is secured by the highest cryptographic standard possible, i.e. SHA-512. In combination with innovative features, this can secure total anonymity and security.


Advantages of Use

Anonymous and secure signing on pages with online games or possibility to make and receive payments in bitcoins realtime. Users could, via debit card, spend their credit in cryptocurrency to FIAT money online/offline or withdraw FIAT money from ATMs worldwide..