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Almost a half of all users connect to the Internet via tablets or cell phones and their number is constantly increasing. If your website is not adjusted also for these devices, you lose customers. The gomobile application solves this problem – it adjusts your web in a way that it can be used transparently also for cell phone users. In addition, you will avoid complicated code modifications or page designing. You will not need to pay for any designers or programmers either. Test your web now! Get more information on how to adjust your web to mobile devices in the best way possible.

Event manager

Reservations system for various types of events with many advantages. Visitors can reserve places online and according to the needs, informational and reminder e-mails are sent to them. Automatic generating of tickets and their check via a QR code are a matter of course. Even organizers can see all visitors thanks to the scanned QR code.

Claude is a tool for real time styling on cloud. Developers can program HTML/CSS and JS with this tool and they can see the result immediately without having to upload it on the server. Developers can see the latest version without being dependent on the local version. The tool is aimed for small, medium and large enterprises and for teams of developers. In order to program, it is enough to have access on the Internet and a web browser.

Drupal Secure

Web applications are developed with the content management system called Drupal, which we secured according to the supreme European (mainly German) security standards. Securing of the content management system is validated also by the security audit of multinational corporations. Thanks to this, we can prepare efficiently the secured environment also for the most complicated web applications.

Form Logic

Javascript framework, which enables administrating form logic of web applications. The framework supports immediate validation and other rich application functionalities. Besides this, it also enables to prototype future form of designed applications easily in a way that the resulting pattern can be re-used also for the final development. It can be implemented to any platform with the output in a web browser as IBM BPM, Aqualogic, Adobe LiveCycle and others.