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Macbook website

The essence of a quality e-shop is a product at the forefront.

About the project

For wine lovers, we created an excellent website of one of the top wine sellers in Slovakia - The project´s purpose was to create a modern and stylish responsive e-shop accessible via mobile devices.

Our mission

Thanks to the unique design and its functionalities we tailored, users will find what they need in a wide portfolio easily.

We reduced the shopping process into 4 points.
We created responsive design.
Obrazovka 1Obrazovka 2

Minimalistic design

The uniqueness of this e-shop lies in ints simplicity. To make it a bit more appealing, we used a decorative feature: drops of wine, which are relevant and describe the product at first sight.


Focus on selling

We tried to cerate an e-shop which would not be disturbing for customers in any way and which would make a great experience from the shopping process. Therefore, we came up with a tailor-made parametric filter which helps to select products easily. So that users can do shopping without any inconveniences, we incorporated Hojtar - a measuring system which maps user´s behaviour on the website. Thanks to the measuring, we can correct potential shortages, as the mail purpose of the concept is a user-friendly e-shop and sales support.

In order to make selling more efficient, we use upselling, which is incorporated in the shopping basket part so that consumers do not feel they are being pushed and learn about projects they may be interested in at the same time.