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About the project

If you need to have your car repaired, if you look for a doctor, a vet or a personal trainer, the Tapaty application is just for you. In the application you can find people who will help when you need it. Currently, it is working only on iOS but we are planning to create an Android version as well.

Our task

Our task was to create a complex brand, a presentation introductory promotional video and a simple parallax website where users can find all the information on how the application works.

Blue is the color

Information on how to use the application for practical purposes and what are its functions can be found at a website prepared according to the latest trends. Parallax and responsive design are a must of today’s world.

Color palette

Website color

Animation is more than 1000 words

For better understanding of the application functions we prepared an animated promotional video describing stories of people looking for help.

From pencil to pen

Everybody wants to use mobile applications. However, just few people can design them in a way that it does not confuse the user so that he can find all the information he looks for. After hours of sketching on the paper we proceeded to final designs.

We are specialists in the UX design

You can decide yourself whether we did a good job. Test your application today in the AppStore.